Dolls Prams Accessories

After you’ve selected your pram there are many dolls prams accessories on the market to enhance the play experience. Maybe your little girl already has a doll pram and you’e looking for another gift ideas – there are many accessories available for prams for dolls, just like real-life prams, which are great for make- believe.

Silver cross produce a range of accessories to fit their doll prams . You can buy a chrome shopping tray which fits to the bottom of the dolls pram and use it to carry around bags and baby doll clothes just like mum. They also sell a changing bag – an exact replica of the real thing which little girls will love to store their doll’s clothes in and carry around with the pram.

Dolls pram accessories

Popular accessories for other brands of dolls prams include rain covers to protect dolly when it’s wet and pram toys which attach to the front of the pram to keep your baby dolls occupied  just like a real baby!

Another very popular brand with little girls is Baby Annabell which comes with a whole range of accessories that can be used with the Baby Annabell doll prams. Little girls love collecting things and the Baby Annabell range has enough selection so you’ll never be stuck for present ideas again!

Not to forget, many mid to high end doll prams come with their own set of accessories such as a matching umbrella and shopping bag. If your little girl wants to be the most stylish when out and about then these doll pram sets are an excellent choice.You can buy Silver Cross doll accessory sets and Mamas and Papas also do their own version.

When choosing your dolls pram make sure not to forget about accessories!