Types of Prams for Dolls

There are thousands of doll prams available to buy today for children of all ages and even adult collectors. When buying a doll pram for a little girl you should consider your budget, the age of the child and her interests.

For little girls aged 3 and over who want to be just like mummy, you can’t go wrong with a Silver Cross dolls pram. These prams can be a little more expensive than models from other brands but they are very high quality and exact replicas of the full-size versions. Any little girl would be very happy with a Silver Cross doll pram as a present.

Younger children will probably be just as happy with a simple toy doll pram and these can be bought by a variety of different companies to match popular doll and toy brands- you can buy Baby Annabell prams, Baby Born doll prams and Haba Doll prams for a few examples. Any little girls favorite color is pink, so it’s no surprise that there are hundreds of pink doll prams to choose from.

wooden dolls pram
If you prefer buying children natural style toys rather than character-based plastic toys, a wooden pram like this model by Brio is a good choice. These are made by several different companies in attractive designs. They are very durable and will easily withstand knocks and bumps. Wooden doll prams are also a good choice for toddlers and younger children.

For displaying treasured dolls or a decorative accessory for a little girl’s bedroom, Victorian doll prams are the way to go. These beautiful doll prams are made by companies today, with design inspiration from the original Victorian models and are very pretty.

You can even buy twin  prams for little girls who have two favorite dolls or maybe 2 younger siblings who are pushed around by mum in a full-size twin pram. There really is every type of dols pram available on the market today!