Choosing a Dolls Pram Set

Little girls love to play with dolls and a great toy to provide them with is a doll pram. Playing with dolls is an important part of creative and social development and a dolls pram will encourage this play by increasing the number of games they can play with their dolls. All children love to copy their parents and if you have a baby you will probably find that your little girl wants to “help” push the pram when you go out for walks together. She’ll be thrilled to receive her own dolls pram that she can push alongside you and take her dolls out for walks.

Dolls prams come in many different brands and models from simple to sophisticated and expensive. While a simple pram is fine for younger children, older girls really appreciate authenticity and will be extra happy with a doll pram that looks just like their mother’s. You can buy doll prams that are miniature replicas of the real thing from companies like Silver Cross and Mamas and Papas.

Another way to make the play experience more lifelike is to provide doll pram accessories. Real prams usually come with a range of accessories such as rain covers, sun parasols and changing bags and then of course parents add their own pram toys and blankets. You can buy dolls pram accessories separately, but an easy way to get everything your little girl could possibly want in one go is to buy a dolls pram set.

Dolls pram sets are produced by several different toy makers and manufacturers of doll prams and their contents vary from set to set. There are some very large sets that include lots of items and would be great for a really special birthday or Christmas present. Two example of sets like this are the Graco Mega Value Set
including a pram, high chair, swing, travel seat, carry cot, bouncer and travel cot with toy bar and the Deluxe Dolls Pram Set from Grossman including A pram, travel cot, carry seat, rain cover, parasol and a doll with two outfits. These large sets are great value for money as they cost much less than it would be to buy all the items individually.

If you’re looking for smaller sets, there are many available which usually contain the pram plus a sun parasol and rain cover or a matching shopping bag. These type of doll pram sets are produced by Silver cross, Mamas and Papas and Zapf, to name a few.

As well as actual doll pram accessories, there are some lovely bedding sets you can buy that are specially made for dolls prams. Your little girl will love tucking her dolls up in these beautiful quilts and pillows which you can buy in toy shops or have custom made to match the pram or your little girl’s room,“ possibly even customized with her name embroidered on the fabric. You can even make your own doll pram set if you are handy with a sewing machine. It is an easy project to do and you can choose whatever kind of fabrics you prefer.