Great Dolls Prams for Toddlers

Bestselling Dolls Prams for Toddlers

dolls prams for toddlers

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The toddler stage is a perfect age to introduce your little girl to her very first dolls pram., Toddlers love role play and any opportunity to explore the world they are growing up in, so any toy that encourages them to move about and experiment with social roles is a good investment. All children are naturally nurturing and most little girls will enjoy playing with dolls from a very young age. They also love to copy their parents and, particularly if they have a younger sibling, a doll pram can be an essential part of this learning process.

When choosing a toddler doll pram, it is important to select a model that is age appropriate. Dolls prams for older children may not be safe for toddlers, and young children do not require the authentic details that make the more sophisticated dolls prams so appealing to older girls.

A wooden dolls pram makes a great first toy pram and these are produced by several companies in a range of styles and colors. The haba doll pram is one of the most popular as this European company is well known for its excellent range of good quality wooden children’s toys. You may wish to choose a pram with a natural wood finish or one painted in bright colors or different shades of pink.

If your child has a favorite doll or character such as Baby Annabell, Hello Kitty or Peppa Pig, this is also a good opportunity to buy a doll pram branded as such. Make sure you choose a model that is suitable for toddlers, as some of these toy prams are intended for older children.

Your child will use the dolls pram as a support to help her walk so it’s important to choose a model that is the right height. Check dimensions in the item description before you buy and look for versions that have an adjustable handle to grow with your child.

Here is our selection of great dolls prams for toddlers:

Haba wooden dolls pram

Haba wooden dolls pram – In natural wood or pink and white, this high quality wooden pram will provide many years of fun play opportunities and is sturdy enough to be used in a nursery or passed down through several siblings. This pram also comes with a bed set to make dolly all cozy and an adjustable handle.



baby annabell travel system

Baby Annabell 2 in 1 Travel System – this funky jogger style dolls pram is perfect for little people to push around and comes in every little girl’s favorite color – pink!




hello kitty pram

Smoby Hello Kitty Pram – for the ultimate in girly cute, choose this pink plastic pram which is suitable for children from 18 months old.




Moover dolls pram – another beautiful wooden pram, with its rounded shape and heart shaped cutouts, this dolls pram will look great in any little girls bedroom.