Create a Children’s Room from Yesteryear with a Vintage Dolls Pram

There are lots of great options for modern design when it comes to styling your child’s bedroom or nursery, but I also think there is a lot of inspiration to be had in looking back to the 70s, 60s, 50s and further to create a vintage look that will never go out of style.

There are many different directions you can choose to go in when you start coming up with ideas for a vintage children’s room – a 60s or 70s room is likely to be bright, colourful, and filled with vintage toys and prints. If you tend towards vintage fashions and homewares yourself, it’s an obvious choice to style your child’s room in this way too. It’s also easy and inexpensive to pick up authentic vintage toys and accessories, like a vintage dolls pram, to add to the look.

Here are some examples of vintage-inspired children’s rooms that I found on Pinterest:


Vintage Fisher Price toys (source) – hands up if you remember any of these? I had the telephone, the record player, the garage, the dog and the TV!

By the way, Fisher Price recently re-released several of these vintage toys:

vintkid_2b vintkid_4

These two are from Modern Kiddo and there are a whole lot of others over at that link too.


Incredibly cool vintage-style kids wallpaper that you can actually buy here

It doesn’t really matter what colours you paint a room like this, the real vibe comes from the accessories. As this is a site about dolls prams of course I’m going to mention that as one of the first must-haves. Because doll prams are quite large, they provide a natural focal point and also act as great storage for soft toys and dolls.

You can pick up genuine vintage doll prams from the 70s and 80s on eBay or check out your local second hand shop and try raiding the attic of your parent’s house to see if they’ve held on to any of your old toys.

Some modern doll prams also look quite retro, especially the brightly coloured wooden dolls prams from Scandinavian companies like this one from Moover:



If you’re not so into the colourful, retro vibe, another option is to go back even further to the Victorian era and create something with a muted colour scheme and classic toys. The Victorian theme can create some really beautiful nurseries for babies , and is a much more calming option for over-excited toddlers than a room full of bright objects that will only keep them awake at night.

Here’s some vintage Victorian nursery inspiration:





Of course sourcing a genuine Victorian dolls pram to go in a room styled like this is not only a bit of a challenge but antique dolls prams tend to be very expensive. If you’ve got the money, great, but bear in mind that the toy might not be safe for little hands to play with once your baby reaches toddler age.

I think it’s a much more practical idea to choose one of the modern-style dolls prams that I’ve listed here. These prams have the vintage/antique look and feel but are much more affordable and safer. These prams are also great for older girls who love pink and frilly things – they work as a beautiful storage solution for soft toys and dolls.