Christmas Present Ideas for a 3-Year-Old Girl

Yes! We’re coming up to that time of year again and with less than two months to go until Christmas Day, it’s definitely time to get your thinking hat on and start coming up with some toy ideas for putting under the tree.

My little girl actually just turned 4 and she’s starting to have very definite ideas about what she’d like for Christmas (a yo-yo!) but I remember last year even though she was very excited about the whole concept of xmas and santa and getting presents, she wasn’t really sure what she wanted.

This age is such a wonderful time – children are just getting into pretend play and can sit and entertain themselves for quite long stretches at a time. There are so many wonderful toys on the market, it can be tempting to buy too much but having a lot of toys all at once can be very overwhelming for a small child and I would recommend just buying a couple of main toys, maybe with a few smaller stocking fillers.


Of course dolls are wonderful for little girls of this age. The chances are your little girl already has at least one doll that she received as a toddler and now is a great time to “upgrade” from one of the first dolls to one that encourages pretend play even more.

I’m a big fan of the Tiny Tears Doll – it’s a classic for one thing, tested by many generations of children. I remember having a Tiny Tears doll when I was a small child myself and it was one of my favourite toys. Little girls just love feeding the baby and changing her nappy and watching her cry real tears. This one also has beautiful blonde hair for brushing and styling.

A doll combined with a doll pram would make any little girl more than happy and would be more than enough to make a wonderful Christmas – you don’t need piles of toys to make a 3-year old happy. Check out our recommended Peppa Pig doll prams, Hello Kitty dolls prams, and Molly Dolly dolls prams for some great toy prams for this age group.


Pretending to cook is also a very popular activity with the pre-schooler set and a play kitchen can provide many hours of entertainment for years to come. I think the wooden play kitchens are so much nicer than the plastic ones and this Tidlo play kitchen is perfect – it’s in a beautiful unisex red colour and not too big. It also comes with some great accessories for mini-chefs to whip up something yummy.


You’ll also need some play food to go with your play kitchen and this Melissa and Doug sandwich making set is sure to be a big hit – prepare to pretend to eat lots of sandwiches!


Kids at this age are really soaking up the world around them so it’s a great age to introduce some educational toys. 3-year-olds really love learning and don’t distinguish between play and learning – you’ll be amazed at what they can pick up!

Sorting is one of the best ways to get them to develop in a number of areas – fine motor skills, mathematics, language, hand-eye coordination and analytical thinking. This sorting box from Toys of Wood Oxford has so many opportunities for play and learning and it’s really good value for money.

I’d love to know what everyone is buying their little girls for Christmas this year, so please drop a note in the comments and tell me what you’re most excited to see your kids open up on xmas morning 🙂