Top 10 Dolls for Christmas 2015

We’re almost into the Christmas season and it’s time to start thinking about doing some xmas shopping! Toys follow trends and every year the most popular toys sell out fast and are impossible to get hold of unless you’re willing to pay over the odds on ebay, so it’s best not to leave your shopping until the last minute if you want to get your kids the toys they really want.

Dolls are always a great option for a present and there are new models out every year – your little girl can never have enough! Along with all the accessories like clothes, bottles, nappies, feeding chairs, cots, prams and so on, there are plenty of ideas if you need some toy shopping inspiration this year.

These dolls are current bestsellers and tipped to be the hot toys for Christmas 2015 so get them while you can!

1. Frozen Sing-a-Long with Elsa



Disney Frozen dolls consider to be one of the most popular toys for 2015 and beyond and this sing-a-long Elsa doll is new for this year. She comes with a microphone so you can sing along to Let It Go in a really clever way – when you stop singing, she’ll pick up where you left off. She also says 15 different phrases from the film.

The doll itself is very beautiful and comes wearing a long blue gown with snowflake print and icy blue slippers. Little girls will love to style and brush her long blonde hair. Her dress and necklace also light up.

Just be prepared to be hearing this song A LOT on Christmas morning!

2. Disney Princess Hair Glow Rapunzel Doll



The girls from frozen are not the only Disney dolls you’re likely to find under the tree this year. This Rapunzel magic hair glow doll is another toy tipped to be one of the most sought after for xmas 2015.

This gorgeous doll is wearing a dress that looks just like the one Rapunzel wears in the movie Tangled. She comes with a golden brush and when you brush her hair, it magically glows! She also sings I See The Light. Any little girl would love playing with this doll, whether or not they’re a fan of the movie.

3. Baby Stella Peach



Baby Stella Peach has been a bestselling doll for a good reason – she’s a great quality soft-bodied doll that makes an ideal “first doll” for babies and young toddlers. She comes dressed in a soft and cuddly outfit and has a dummy that attaches magically to her mouth (with the help of a magnet!)

This doll makes a wonderful first birthday or Christmas present and there are lots of great accessories available separately including a feeding set, a changing bag, various different outfits, a stroller, doll carrier and bath set. Baby Stella is also available as a boy version.

4. Baby Annabell Doll



Baby Annabell is one of the most popular dolls for little girls who have outgrown their toddler dolls and want baby who can really drink and wet. This is the 9th version of the basic Baby Annabell doll which shows the company puts a lot of thought into updating the product and that it sells really well!

This Baby Annabell comes with a whole load of accessories including bottle, dummy, bib and a pendant. There are also lots of different Baby Annabell accessories to buy separately like nappies and outfits and a whole range of Baby Annabel doll prams.

This doll not only really drinks and wets but she also cries real tears and makes gurgling noises just like a real baby. Her mouth moves when you give her a bottle and she makes drinking sounds. This model of the doll has a special rock to sleep function and is pretty much as close as you can get to giving your girl a real baby to look after!

5. Disney Frozen Elsa Toddler Doll



Another beautiful Frozen Elsa doll wearing a gorgeous lilac and turquoise snowflake dress and tiara. She comes with a brush for styling her long blonde hair and a little Olaf snowman doll.

Younger girls prefer the Frozen toddler dolls over the barbie type versions because they’re more like baby dolls and easier to dress and play with. They’re also a lot cuter looking and encourage pretend play. This doll is suitable for kids aged 3 and up.

6. Baby Annabell Learn to Walk Doll



This is another Baby Annabell doll that are extremely popular with toddlers and young children. The amazing thing about this doll is that it actually crawls, sits up, and even walks if you hold her hand.

Girls love realistic baby dolls so this crawling and walking doll adds an extra dimension that most other dolls can’t do. It’s also compatible with the full range of Baby Annabell accessories.

7. Baby Born Interactive Doll



This drinking, wetting, and crying doll comes with loads of accessories including a dummy, bottle, potty, bowl and spoon, sachet of baby food, necklace for the doll with matching bracelet for your child, and nappy. It also has eyes that close when lying down and can be taken in the bath, unlike most other dolls. A great choice for kids from age 3 and up.

8. Frozen Snow Glow Elsa Doll



This is the third Elsa doll on our list so I definitely think we’re in for a Frozen Christmas! This Elsa has a magic snowflake necklace – when you touch it she says phrases from the movie and her dress lights up. Raise her arms and her necklace glows and she sings Let It Go. Elsa also comes with her friend, Olaf the snowman.

9. Lalaloopsy Babies Diaper Surprise



My daughter has been watching videos of this doll on Youtube and has become quite obsessed with it. I thought she was making up stories when she first told me about it, but no – this doll really poos out surprise charms!

So this cute little doll comes with a bottle as well as a feeding bowl and spoon. Give her a drink from the bottle, press her belly button and then check her nappy for the surprise. The doll comes with 4 nappies, each of which includes a special charm. You can also buy additional nappies separately. Once you’ve collected the charms, you can wear them on the supplied bracelet.

10. Doc McStuffins Time for your Checkup Doll



This is actually two dolls in one as you get Doc and Lambie, so I think it’s great value. Doc Talks and sings Time For Your Checkup and you can check Lambie’s heart, ears and temperature with the tools provided. As you do this, Lambie will also talk! For example pressing the stethoscope to her heart presses a hidden button so you can hear her heartbeat.