Top Christmas Toys from a 5-Year-Old

So I thought I’d mix things up a little bit with today’s blog post by asking my 5-year-old to guest post for me… well sort of! I originally started this site because of my daughter and she loves dolls as much as any little girl so predictably, her Christmas wish list consists of mainly dolls and doll accessories. If you’re stuck for ideas of what to buy a little girl around the same age this year, hopefully this list should give you a few ideas.

And just to balance things up, we’ve included a few requests from her younger brother and some unisex toys that both boys and girls will love.

Disney Frozen Royal Sisters Anna & Elsa Doll


buynowbuttonI think you’d be hard-pressed to find a little girl in the western world who doesn’t love Frozen and my daughter is no different. So it’s not too much of a suprise that the first thing on her list is “Anna and Elsa dolls”. This set of two dolls is amazing value considering that the separate dolls often come close to the same price anyway.

They’re about the same size as Barbie dolls about 10″ tall (Elsa is a little taller than Anna) so they’re fully compatible with all your existing doll houses, clothing and other accessories. They come wearing gorgeous sparkly gowns and crowns.

There are lots of cheap Chinese knockoff Frozen dolls around that will soon loose their limbs, tear their clothing and have hair falling out but these dolls are actually very high quality and licensed by Mattel.

Frilly Lily Cloth Doll Nappies


buynowbuttonMy daughter just had her birthday and asked for a Baby Alive doll, which of course we got for her as she wanted nothing else (she’d been watching youtube videos featuring this doll for a long time). This is one of those dolls that you can feed real water from a bottle and it wees.

It came with a disposable nappy and you can buy packs of replacements but of course after giving the doll one bottle it’s soaking wet and there’s only so many times you can dry it out and re-use it before it starts getting really filthy and the tape loses its stickiness.

That’s why I’m going to stock up on these cute towelling re-usable doll nappies that are suitable for any 14-18 inch baby dolls like Baby Born and Baby Annabell.

They can be washed and re-used forever, the velcro fastener never loses stickiness and they come in a range of different designs. I like the one pictured because it’s cute but not too girly so great if you have some boy dolls.

My Little Pony Rainbow Princess Sparkle


buynowbuttonNow my little girl doesn’t just like dolls – she also loves My Little Ponies, just like I did when I was her age. She’s been requesting a Rainbow Dash for a while. Now this isn’t technically Rainbow Dash but I spent a long time looking at all the My Little Pony figures (which is very confusing as they all have slightly different brand names so they look like knock-offs even when they’re not) and all the Rainbow Dash dolls were kind of disappointing – small, boring, or had stupid plastic wings that would snap off in 2 seconds.

I think she’ll like this Rainbow Princess sparkles much better as it comes with a cool shimmery cape, shoes (shoes!) and lots of different hair accessories.

LEGO Classic Creative building Box


buynowbuttonOk onto some more unisex ideas. This is top of the Christmas list for both kids this year and really, you can’t go wrong with lego. This classic set goes back to basics (no girly lego friends here) and includes 580 blocks and pieces like windows and wheels to make all sorts of models, limited only by your imagination.

Honestly, I think every kid should have a large selection of Lego bricks and this is a great way to start off your collection. I’m really enjoying the fact that my kids are now at an age where they can enjoy building things with lego and I can also have fun helping!

Hot Wheels 10 Car Pack


buynowbuttonNow I don’t want to get too off topic as this is a site about dolls after all, but just so my boy doesn’t feel left out (and just incase his grandparents are reading – wink!) here’s one for the boys. My son like most little boys loves cars and his current obsession is hot wheels.

There are all sorts of funky hot wheels race tracks you can get but he’s still at the age where he’s happiest racing them around the room so this multipack of cars would be pretty perfect for him. I’ve bought him quite a few of these little cars over the years and the Hot Wheels ones are great quality and last a lot longer than cheaper versions. Plus this multipack is great value for money anyway.