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Every little girl loves playing with dolls prams. We offer a wide range of doll prams for toddlers through to toy prams for older girls, organised by age, brand and price. You also may like to read our shopping guides to find our top recommended product if you’re looking for a wooden dolls pram, a Silver Cross dolls pram or a dolls twin buggy. We also have some interesting articles on topics like the Silver Cross company and how to choose a pram to suit the age of your child.

If you’re not sure where to start, you can browse through our 10 most popular dolls prams below:

If you’re visiting this site you’re probably looking for a dolls pram as a present for a little girl (or boy) or as a collector’s item. Here at Dolls Prams World we have all sorts of information about different kinds of toy prams to help you decide which one will make the perfect gift for your child.All small children love playing with dolls and imitating their parents. A doll pram is a wonderful addition to any child’s toy collection and can be enjoyed for many years and then passed down to a younger sibling or cousin. For little girls wanting to be ‘just like mummy’ most of the major pram manufacturers make doll pram equivalents of their full size models -for example you can buy Silver Cross dolls prams or Mamas and Papas dolls prams that look just like the real thing.Dolls prams are a great way to keep a small child occupied when you’re out and about – a child isn’t likely to wander off if she’s pushing her own baby doll in its doll pram, buggy or pushchair. Older siblings with younger brothers or sisters will often want to help push the big pram and having a pram of their own to look after is even more exciting!Girl playing with her dolls pram

Toy prams have been a popular toy for little girls for hundreds of years and there are beautiful antique doll’s prams available – you don’t need to have children to collect these lovely prams and they make a great display for collections of antique porcelain dolls. Victorian doll prams are highly collectible and can be a great investment for an antique toy collector.

You can buy dolls prams in a range of styles to suit your child. A toddler will enjoy a simple wooden doll pram that can be used as a walker, to cart around toys and even for pushing smaller siblings around!

There are also several toy prams available for popular toy and doll brands like Baby Annabell, Hello Kitty and Baby Born.

Older children prefer models that look like the real thing – Silver Cross doll’s prams are one of the most popular on the market. For the look of antique without the pricetag, many companies produce vintage style doll’s prams and some of these, like wicker dolls prams would look beautiful in a little girl’s bedroom.

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