Why I’m Excited About Buying my Toddler her First Dolls Pram

My little girl has just turned one and is really starting to act more like a toddler every day. I am of course worried about the “terrible twos” but so far it’s just fun to see her interacting with her toys more and developing her own personality. It’s so much more fun choosing toys for her now that I know how much she’ll get out of them.

I recently bought her first doll – a Corolle Calin soft bodied doll, which will be one of her Christmas presents. I’m expecting a little brother for her in a few months and I think it will be great for her to have her own baby that she can look after as well as her new sibling. I took a long time choosing her first doll as I think it’s really important to choose one that is suitable for a young toddler and can be cuddled up to like a real baby.

My daughter is a bit of a tomboy and generally goes straight for the boys toys – cars, light sabres and so on but I really think she’ll have fun playing with a baby doll. She’s also been walking for a couple of months and really loves pushing her little toddle truck with bricks in so I think a dolls pram to go with her new baby doll will be the perfect present.

I really love the Silver Cross range as I think they’re cute without being too girly and I know the Silver Cross company has a good reputation and produces good quality baby products and toys. They may not be the cheapest dolls prams available but I generally prefer to spend a little bit more on a decent quality toy that will stand the test of time, rather than something that is likely to fall apart at the slightest hint of rough play.

My little girl has loved pushing her own buggy rather than sitting in it from the moment she learned to walk so I know she’ll be excited about having her own doll pram to push her baby doll around in, especially after she has a little baby brother and starts wanting to copy me more. She’s already keen to help out with household tasks like sweeping and dusting and I’m guessing it may get a little annoying if she starts insisting on pushing her brother in his pram. I think if I get her a dolls pram of her own, she’ll be happy to play alongside me while I look after her brother.

I remember playing with dolls as a child, as I’m sure most girls do. My doll pram was one of my most treasured possessions and I would pile my whole collection of dolls into it and push them around the garden. I can’t wait to see my baby grow into a little girl and create her own favourite games with dolls.

If I was choosing a doll pram myself, I’d probably go with a Hello Kitty pram as I’m just a big kid at heart and love anything Hello Kitty. My daughter has a couple of Hello Kitty dolls already so she’d probably like this design as well. I also like the modern designs of the Hello Kitty dolls prams as I find some toy pram styles overly frilly and girly.

Here on Dolls Prams World we want to help you find the best dolls pram for your little girl, so whether you’re looking for Silver Cross dolls prams, dolls prams for toddlers or for older girls, you’ll find a great selection to choose from to suit all budgets.

Choosing a Dolls Pram to suit the age of your Child

Different styles of toys are suitable for different ages of children and this is equally true for dolls prams. When choosing a pram for a younger child authenticity is less important – toddlers probably won’t notice that their doll pram doesn’t look exactly like mummy’s whereas an older child may complain that they don’twant a “toy for babies”
Simple usually works better for younger children. A simple sturdy wooden pram can double as a walker for a young toddler. Wooden dolls prams are usually great for this age group because there’s no complicated construction or small pieces that could be swallowed by little mouths.

Wooden dolls prams are made by some of the larger toy companies such as Brio and come painted in bright primary colors. Alternatively you can have a wooden  pram made especially for you by a small toy maker. These handmade wooden toys are beautiful and durable although they can be expensive.
There are also several plastic doll prams on the market suitable for toddlers. They are smaller and have a simpler design than prams designed for older children. Plastic doll prams for toddlers are sold by toy companies like Fisher Price.
Girl with dolls pram
As children get a little older, perhaps from about age four or five, they start to care more about brands and will often have their own favorite toy or doll. It’s ideal at this stage to choose a  pram that ties in with your child’s particular preferences. Most doll manufacturers make doll prams and other to go with the dolls that they sell. Baby Annabell is a very popular make of doll and there are several Baby Annabell prams available with matching outfits and accessories.
Older girls will value a pram that looks exactly like the real thing – the more authentic the better. Some of the well known pram manufacturers now produce smaller versions of their best selling prams and these are ideal for older children. Silver Cross produces several styles of toy pram that are exact miniature versions of their full-size versions. Mamas and Papas also make doll prams based on the designs of their prams for real babies.

Types of Prams for Dolls

There are thousands of doll prams available to buy today for children of all ages and even adult collectors. When buying a doll pram for a little girl you should consider your budget, the age of the child and her interests.

For little girls aged 3 and over who want to be just like mummy, you can’t go wrong with a Silver Cross dolls pram. These prams can be a little more expensive than models from other brands but they are very high quality and exact replicas of the full-size versions. Any little girl would be very happy with a Silver Cross doll pram as a present.

Younger children will probably be just as happy with a simple toy doll pram and these can be bought by a variety of different companies to match popular doll and toy brands- you can buy Baby Annabell prams, Baby Born doll prams and Haba Doll prams for a few examples. Any little girls favorite color is pink, so it’s no surprise that there are hundreds of pink doll prams to choose from.

wooden dolls pram
If you prefer buying children natural style toys rather than character-based plastic toys, a wooden pram like this model by Brio is a good choice. These are made by several different companies in attractive designs. They are very durable and will easily withstand knocks and bumps. Wooden doll prams are also a good choice for toddlers and younger children.

For displaying treasured dolls or a decorative accessory for a little girl’s bedroom, Victorian doll prams are the way to go. These beautiful doll prams are made by companies today, with design inspiration from the original Victorian models and are very pretty.

You can even buy twin  prams for little girls who have two favorite dolls or maybe 2 younger siblings who are pushed around by mum in a full-size twin pram. There really is every type of dols pram available on the market today!