Best Dolls Prams for Christmas 2014

Yes, if you haven’t noticed already, it’s already October and Xmas is just around the corner! Even if you’re not the organised type who likes to get all your shopping done early, it’s still a good idea to start thinking about what you’re going to buy – especially when it comes to toys.

One thing you definitely don’t want to be doing is buying your children’s presents at the last minute – popular toys sell out fast and you really don’t want to deal with any disappointed little faces on Christmas morning. If you want to get the best deals, shopping online is definitely the way to go and while this is really convenient (no battling the crowds in freezing temperatures!) you do need to make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to allow for delivery and possible stock shortages.

Now is the perfect time to buy a dolls pram for Christmas and to help you out even further, I’ve done a little round up of the best on the market today. I’ve split this up by age, as obviously a dolls pram for older girls isn’t going to be suitable for a toddler.

Best Dolls Pram for 1 Year Olds

If you have a young toddler, you should buy a doll pram that is simple and sturdy. Wooden doll prams are just perfect for this age group and make perfect walking aids for crawlers or little ones who aren’t quite steady yet on their feet, as they’re heavy enough not to tip over and have a handle at just the right height to push.

Another thing I really love about this age, is that there are lots of unisex options available – boys and girls don’t have any concept of gender differences at this age and will quite happily play with any toy, whether it’s intended for a girl or a boy.

Buying a doll pram for your 1-year-old is a great way to develop his or her motor skills – dumping toys in and out of the pram and pushing it around as a walker help to build up those little muscles that are so important at this age.


For these reasons, my vote for the best dolls pram for a 1-year-old goes to the Moover Wooden Doll Pram.

This gorgeous wooden doll pram comes in two unisex colours – I prefer the cherry red version over the natural wood, but both would be beautiful for either a boy or a girl.

This pram is the ideal size for a small toddler, and at 3.1kg, it’s heavy enough not to tip over if your little one leans on the handle.

There are lots of beautiful wooden prams that
would be suitable for this age group but you just need to look at the numberof 5 star reviews this Moover pram has got to realise that parents and kids are thrilled with it.

Be aware that this Moover pram is also available in a cheaper “mini” version – don’t make the mistake of buying this one, as it’s really small!


Best Dolls Pram for 2 Year Olds

If you’re looking for a doll pram for a 2-year-old, the same rules apply – it should be sturdy, have no moving parts and encourage physical movement and open-ended play. The Moover pram above would also be ideal for a 2-year-old.

Most 2 year olds are a little taller and steadier on their feet than their 12-month-old peers but they’ll probably use it in the same way – as a vehicle for transporting toys rather than a tool for pretend play.


This Janod wooden doll pram has a handle height of 53.5cm – almost 10cm higher than the Moover pram, so it’s suitable for slightly older toddlers and taller children.

Little girls will love its funky design in bright pink with white polka dots and the wheels are suitable for indoor use and won’t mark floors.

What I love best about this pram is that there’s so much space inside – in fact this wooden pram is so sturdy that a child can fit inside! My kids love pushing each other around in their little toddle truck but they’re both getting a bit heavy for it now – this pram is a lot stronger and bigger and would last for many years of use.



Best Dolls Pram for 3 Year Olds

From about the age of 3, pretend play really starts to become the mainstay of your child’s play time. You’ll notice them walking around with their dolls and mothering them, feeding them bottles, cooking pretend food and all sorts of fun activities.

I really love this age as kids can entertain themselves for ages and it’s so lovely to watch their imaginations develop.

To encourage pretend play, a good dolls pram is a must-have prop and provides so many opportunities for doll play. At this age children really love to copy their parents so it’s nice to get a pram that’s a bit more realistic (looks just like mummy’s!) and has some accessories to extend their play.

Molly-dolly-deluxe-dolls-pramI love the Molly Dolly Deluxe Dolls Pram for this age group – it looks just like a real pram and has some cute accessories like an under-pram shopping tray and a changing bag.

One of the best things about this pram is its adjustable handle – the handle can be changed in height from 50cm to 77cm so it will really grow with your child until about age 7. I also love the fact that it folds flat for storage.

The Molly Dolly range includes a wide selection of matching accessories like dolls beds and feeding chairs so you won’t be stuck for present ideas for a while.

The whole pram is strong and sturdy – if your little girl likes to accompany you to the shops with her doll pram, you can use the bottom tray to carry your shopping back – very handy!

This pram is also very budget-friendly and much cheaper than some similar prams from other brands.


Best Dolls Pram for 4 Year Olds

Around about this age, little girls start to become really into their doll play and keen to buy any doll clothes, bedding set or feeding accessories that they see. If you have a 4-year-old, it’s quite probable that she already has quite a large collection of dolls and knows which her favourites are.

Baby Annabell is one of the most popular brands of doll in the UK and there are a huge range of accessories available for her including feeding sets, clothes, nappies, beds, and of course, doll prams.

baby-annabell-2-in-one-pramThis Baby Annabell 2-in-one travel system will not only match perfectly with all the Baby Annabell dolls and accessories, but it’s also 2 toys in one.

If you have a 4-year-old, you’ll know they can throw some epic tantrums – I know my little girl has thrown a wobbler because we’re going out and she’s not just content with bringing her doll with her – she wants to bring the pram too.

Well, on this toy pram, the seat detaches from the frame, converting into a car seat/bed that can easily be taken with you in the car or used as a doll bed at night.

You can buy doll beds and car seats separately of course but it’s much cheaper and takes up less space to buy this 2-in-1 doll pram.


Best Dolls Pram for 5 Year Olds

Around about the age of 5, little girls often start adopting favourite characters and probably the most favourite character of all is Hello Kitty.


There are quite a few Hello Kitty Prams around (see the link in the sidebar to the right for more) but I adore this Hello Kitty Carriage pram.

Beautiful old-fashioned prams are great for older girls as they’re usually a bit bigger and have a taller handle. You’ll probably notice from about the age of 5 that your little girl is starting to get too big for prams that suited her when she was a toddler.

This pram uses the vintage victorian style but updates it with a funky pink and purple colour scheme that any little girl will love. It also comes with a matching bedding set, comprising of mattress and pillow.


Best Dolls Pram for 6 Year Olds

It’s a sad but true fact that as children grow older, they start to become more brand aware. You may well find your 6-year-old demanding a particular type of toy that they’ve seen on the TV  and rejecting toys that they think are “for babies”.


The Mamas and Papas range is great for this age group – especially if you have younger children and have your own full-size Mamas and Papas pram. This Mamas and Papas Excel Doll Pram is suitable from age 5 to 10 and is really great quality.

The adjustable handle means this pram will grow with your child and it comes with a matching changing bag and umbrella, further extending the opportunities for play.

It’s pictured here in Heritage family which is navy blue with white polka dots and red accents and looks very grown up, but also comes in Sugar Spot (pink and purple dots) and Graziela (cream with black polka dots)


Best Dolls Pram for 7 Year Olds


In my opinion, Silver Cross make the best dolls prams for older girls and the Silver Cross Surf Pram is a beautiful modern pram from a company that normally focuses on very traditional designs.

There are so few contemporary toy prams out there and I think Silver Cross have really nailed it with the Surf pram. I also love the range of colours – pink and white as pictured, pink and black, purple, lime green and aqua blue.

If you happen to have the full size version of this pram, the doll version would make a perfect present as it’s basically a smaller version of the real thing.

The seat can be tilted to convert to pushchair mode and the handle can be adjusted up to a height of 78cm.


Best Dolls Pram for 8 Year Olds

This is the last age group I’m going to tackle because from the age of about 9, girls sadly stop playing with dolls. It might be 10 or 11 if you’re lucky but kids are growing up fast these days and once they enter the tween years, they’re more interested in pop stars than doll prams.

As this is probably the last chance you have to buy anything doll-related for your little girl, I really think it’s worth pulling out all the stops and investing in something really special that will be a bit of a heirloom that she can pass down to her own daughter.


If you’re thinking along the same lines, there’s really only one choice: the gorgeous handmade limited edition dolls prams from Silver Cross.

You get the best prices for these on Amazon but they sell out fast so check these links and buy immediately if there’s one available!

Silver Cross Chatsworth Doll Pram (pictured in Poppy)

Silver Cross Oberon Dolls Pram

Silver Cross Princess Dolls Pram

Silver Cross Snow Fairy Dolls Pram

If you’re not able to find any of these prams for sale on Amazon, you can also buy directly from the Silver Cross shop online, which has all of these prams in stock in various colours, including the limited edition, new for Christmas 2014, Silver Cross Snow Fairy Dolls Pram in white and lilac with fur trim. This very special pram is limited to only 800.

These prams are certainly not cheap but you can really consider them an investment as they’re likely to become collectible and even more valuable in a few years time.

Top 5 Silver Cross Dolls Prams for Older Girls

As little girls grow out of toddlerhood, they become more particular about their toys and brands, details and authenticity become very important. It’s not just good enough to have any old dolls pram – they want one that looks just like the real thing, comes in their favourite colours and has lots of accessories such as shopping bags and sun parasols.

There are a few different companies that make ‘big girls’ doll prams, One of the most popular being Silver Cross. Silver Cross are a big brand name in full size baby prams and they make also make child size versions of the real thing for dolls. If you really want to impress your little girl with a dolls pram that looks just like a real baby pram, choose one of the following models from Silver Cross.

1. Silver Cross Ranger Dolls Pram


This junior pram recommended for ages 3 – 7 years comes in a range of different coloured fabrics that change each season. The colours for Autumn and Winter 2014 are Damson (a deep purple), butterfly print, Berry domino (cream with red polka dots) and Milan (pink and grey check).

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2.Silver Cross Oberon Pram

If you are looking for the ultimate dolls pram for your little girl, there really is no other choice than the Oberon dolls pram by Silver Cross. This beautiful heritage is design is based on the original Oberon pram by Silver Cross and is handmade with the best quality materials to the highest specifications. This toy pram is not cheap by any standards but is an item to treasure and will certainly be loved by your little girl for many years and even passed down to her own children. Recommended for ages 5 – 11 years, the pram has a waterproof hood, chrome finished wheels and a hand-painted body. It is really the ultimate in doll prams for little girls who have everything and will also look beautiful in your child’s bedroom.

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3. Silver Cross SX X4 Stoller

silver cross dolls pushchair

If you are looking for more of a pushchair style than a traditional pram, try this modern style all-terrain pushchair with swivel wheels. The handlebar height is 70cm, it fits dolls up to 50cm and folds flat for storage.

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4. Silver Cross Pop Duo Pram

If your little girl has more than one favourite dolly or if she has twin brothers or sisters and wants a double pram just like mummy’s, this cute double pushchair could be just what you are looking for. The twin side by side pushchair is suitable for children aged 3-7 years old and fits dolls up to 50cm. It folds down for easy storage and features an adjustable hood and under-seat shopping baskets.

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5. Silver Cross Surf Dolls Pram


Based on the popular full size Surf Pram from Silver Cross, this modern design pram is perfect if your little girl wants a miniature version of the real pram or wants a funkier alternative to a traditional style dolls pram. The innovative style can be converted to either front or back facing and also converted into a pushchair – a great multi-use dolls pram which is rare in toy versions of real full size prams.

It comes in a funky range of colours including bright pink,black, purple, red, aqua and lime green.

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Best Dolls Prams for Toddlers

Toddler girls love playing with dolls and a toddler doll pram would make a great first birthday present. When older babies are just starting to learn to walk, a sturdy doll pram can also double up as a baby walker and provide support for young toddlers who are still a little unsteady on their feet. A dolls pram provides valuable role play experience for young children which can help to develop social, motor and communication skills.

Wooden dolls prams are great for this age group as they are sturdy, heavy enough to support the weight of a small child as they are walking and will last for many years. They are more expensive than plastic alternatives but can be considered an investment as they last for so long and can be passed down to other children.

Some good wooden dolls prams to consider are the following:

Moover dolls pram

Moover dolls pram

This beautiful wooden doll pram is available in two different colour combinations – cherry red with yellow wheels or natural birch wood with red wheels. Both colours would look great in a little girl’s bedroom and are not overly girly like so many of the pink dolls prams on the market.

Suitable for children aged 10 months and up, the handle is placed at the perfect height for older babies and young toddlers and although this doll pram is not designed for use as a walker, the rubber tires on the wheels prevent it from travelling too fast on hard surfaces.

The design of this pram is very sweet with little heart cutouts for windows and is girly without being a cliche. It will also stand up to a lot of being thrown around so if your little girl is more of a tomboy, no worries about breaking it accidentally.

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Haba Dolls pram

haba dolls pram

The Haba doll pram is a design classic that comes in a selection of different colours – natural wood, pink and white, or blue and red. It is priced a little higher than some of the other wooden doll prams but buying from the German Haba brand ensures you are receiving a quality wooden toy that will last for many years. It also comes with a mattress, pillow and blanket, which are not included with many of the other wooden toy prams.

This doll pram also has adjustable height handles, meaning it can grow with your child.

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JANOD Dolls Pram

janod dolls pram

This funky pink and purple pram is a great modern design that will fit well into brightly designed bedrooms. The curved shape means that there are no hard corners to accidentally fall on and the hard wearing wood will put up with many years of abuse.

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I’m Toy Dolly Pram

One for those who prefer all things pink and girly, this is an adorable looking pink dolls pram with lilac wheels and accents and a padded removable cushion. The manufacturer’s recommended age is for three years and up but younger toddlers will also get a lot of use from this pram and its heavy weight means that it can double as a baby walker.

The rubber wheel grips slow down the speed of the pram when pushed on hard surfaces and stop it from slipping on rugs and carpets. It is a very reasonably priced wooden doll pram and also works well for storing toys.

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Pintoy Dolls Buggy

pintoy dolls pram

This is of a similar pink and girly design to the I’m Toy pram and comes with a similar price tag. This dolls pram has been designed for younger children and also works great as a walker for toddlers who need a little extra support. Little girls will love tucking in their dolls in the matching blanket and pillow. There are also coordinating items in the same range such as a dolls rocking cradle and a dolls high chair which would look great together in your child’s bedroom.

The recommended age for this pram is from three years but there is no reason why it shouldn’t be used for a younger toddler and most mothers have found that between one and three years is the ideal age for playing with dolls in this pram.

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Knorr Activity Pram, “Pramy”

If you’re looking for a dolls pram that is a little more unusual, you may want to consider this activity pram by German company Knorr. As well as being a beautiful wooden dolls pram, it also doubles as an activity centre for toddlers. With large rotatable wooden beads on the handle, a clock with moveable hands on the front, and a variety of soft and wooden activities on the sides, this toy has the potential to entertain for hours. It is a little more expensive than some of the other models but is well worth it for the extra play potential.

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Wooden toys for toddlers are great quality and long lasting but if you are on a smaller budget, you may prefer to consider one of the cheaper plastic dolls prams for toddlers and luckily there is lots of choice ranging from the very cheap and basic to the sophisticated miniature versions of real baby prams.

Fisher-Price Stroll & Play Walker

This innovative doll pram is great for toddlers and babies from 9 months as it doubles as a walker for encouraging those first steps. There are also fun activities such as spinners and a musical bear that any young child will be fascinated with.

This doll pram has a wide wheel base ensuring it will not tip over when used as support by babies learning to walk and has an ideal handle height for toddlers and older babies.

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Peppa Pig Push-Along Pram

This cute basic dolls pram based on the popular character Peppa Pig is ideal for toddlers and younger girls. The wheels are detachable to convert it into a doll cradle or car seat and the adjustable handle means that it can easily grow with your child.

This is an ideal first dolls pram for little girls who love Peppa Pig and all things pink.

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Simba-Smoby Hello Kitty Pram

This ultra girly hello kitty dolls pram is ideal for older toddlers and comes with a cute removable hood and cover in hello kitty fabric and a plastic shopping tray.

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Mama & Papas My First Pram

This is another cute toddler sized doll pram that would be ideal for a little girl’s first role play toy. Based on a traditional pram design in pink and has an adjustable hood and pram cover.

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Graco Deluxe Doll Playset

If you’re looking for something to splash out on for your little girl’s first birthday then you might want to consider one of the dolls prams sets such as this Graco deluxe set which also includes a baby carrier, high chair, play gym, bouncy seat, baby monitors, nappy bag and accessories set. This really is the ultimate role play doll pram set for little girls and will last well beyond the toddler years.

It is also priced surprisingly low and is great value for money as buying the individual items separately would cost a lot more than the price of the set.

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Great Dolls Prams for Toddlers

Bestselling Dolls Prams for Toddlers

dolls prams for toddlers

Click here to browse the full range of dolls prams for toddlers and buy online

The toddler stage is a perfect age to introduce your little girl to her very first dolls pram., Toddlers love role play and any opportunity to explore the world they are growing up in, so any toy that encourages them to move about and experiment with social roles is a good investment. All children are naturally nurturing and most little girls will enjoy playing with dolls from a very young age. They also love to copy their parents and, particularly if they have a younger sibling, a doll pram can be an essential part of this learning process.

When choosing a toddler doll pram, it is important to select a model that is age appropriate. Dolls prams for older children may not be safe for toddlers, and young children do not require the authentic details that make the more sophisticated dolls prams so appealing to older girls.

A wooden dolls pram makes a great first toy pram and these are produced by several companies in a range of styles and colors. The haba doll pram is one of the most popular as this European company is well known for its excellent range of good quality wooden children’s toys. You may wish to choose a pram with a natural wood finish or one painted in bright colors or different shades of pink.

If your child has a favorite doll or character such as Baby Annabell, Hello Kitty or Peppa Pig, this is also a good opportunity to buy a doll pram branded as such. Make sure you choose a model that is suitable for toddlers, as some of these toy prams are intended for older children.

Your child will use the dolls pram as a support to help her walk so it’s important to choose a model that is the right height. Check dimensions in the item description before you buy and look for versions that have an adjustable handle to grow with your child.

Here is our selection of great dolls prams for toddlers:

Haba wooden dolls pram

Haba wooden dolls pram – In natural wood or pink and white, this high quality wooden pram will provide many years of fun play opportunities and is sturdy enough to be used in a nursery or passed down through several siblings. This pram also comes with a bed set to make dolly all cozy and an adjustable handle.



baby annabell travel system

Baby Annabell 2 in 1 Travel System – this funky jogger style dolls pram is perfect for little people to push around and comes in every little girl’s favorite color – pink!




hello kitty pram

Smoby Hello Kitty Pram – for the ultimate in girly cute, choose this pink plastic pram which is suitable for children from 18 months old.




Moover dolls pram – another beautiful wooden pram, with its rounded shape and heart shaped cutouts, this dolls pram will look great in any little girls bedroom.

Choosing a Dolls Pram to suit the age of your Child

Different styles of toys are suitable for different ages of children and this is equally true for dolls prams. When choosing a pram for a younger child authenticity is less important – toddlers probably won’t notice that their doll pram doesn’t look exactly like mummy’s whereas an older child may complain that they don’twant a “toy for babies”
Simple usually works better for younger children. A simple sturdy wooden pram can double as a walker for a young toddler. Wooden dolls prams are usually great for this age group because there’s no complicated construction or small pieces that could be swallowed by little mouths.

Wooden dolls prams are made by some of the larger toy companies such as Brio and come painted in bright primary colors. Alternatively you can have a wooden  pram made especially for you by a small toy maker. These handmade wooden toys are beautiful and durable although they can be expensive.
There are also several plastic doll prams on the market suitable for toddlers. They are smaller and have a simpler design than prams designed for older children. Plastic doll prams for toddlers are sold by toy companies like Fisher Price.
Girl with dolls pram
As children get a little older, perhaps from about age four or five, they start to care more about brands and will often have their own favorite toy or doll. It’s ideal at this stage to choose a  pram that ties in with your child’s particular preferences. Most doll manufacturers make doll prams and other to go with the dolls that they sell. Baby Annabell is a very popular make of doll and there are several Baby Annabell prams available with matching outfits and accessories.
Older girls will value a pram that looks exactly like the real thing – the more authentic the better. Some of the well known pram manufacturers now produce smaller versions of their best selling prams and these are ideal for older children. Silver Cross produces several styles of toy pram that are exact miniature versions of their full-size versions. Mamas and Papas also make doll prams based on the designs of their prams for real babies.