Hot deal! Silver Cross Oberon Doll Pram in stock at Amazon now

The Silver Cross Oberon Dolls pram is really the ultimate when it comes to toy prams. Handmade in the Silver Cross workshop in Yorkshire, this pram comes with beautiful chrome wheels, handpainted details, adjustable hood, mechanical brake system and suspension modelled on the full-size Balmoral pram.

This pram would make a Christmas present to remember for any little girl and is very hard to get hold of, so this is a deal you’ll want to take advantage of! The Silver Cross Oberon pram in navy, as pictured above is currently in stock at Amazon for just £285 (price correct as of 2 November 2014). This is really an amazing deal considering the quality of the pram and the fact that it’s currently selling for between £300 and £400 at other retailers.

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The Silver Cross Chatsworth pram is also in stock in a range of colours. This is another beautiful handmade heritage dolls pram from the Silver Cross company:

silver-cross-chatsworth-daisy-dolls-pram silver-cross-chatsworth-poppy-dolls-pram silver-cross-chatsworth-rose-doll-pram

Click here to buy the Silver Cross Chatsworth Dolls Pram in Rose (pink and white)

Click here to buy the Silver Cross Chatsworth Dolls Pram in Daisy (pale pink and white)

Click here to buy the Silver Cross Chatsworth Dolls Pram in Poppy (red)

Again, these prams are very rarely in stock (I monitor different retailers regularly) and will be snapped up quickly at this price in the run-up to Christmas – buy them while you still can!

Top 5 Silver Cross Dolls Prams for Older Girls

As little girls grow out of toddlerhood, they become more particular about their toys and brands, details and authenticity become very important. It’s not just good enough to have any old dolls pram – they want one that looks just like the real thing, comes in their favourite colours and has lots of accessories such as shopping bags and sun parasols.

There are a few different companies that make ‘big girls’ doll prams, One of the most popular being Silver Cross. Silver Cross are a big brand name in full size baby prams and they make also make child size versions of the real thing for dolls. If you really want to impress your little girl with a dolls pram that looks just like a real baby pram, choose one of the following models from Silver Cross.

1. Silver Cross Ranger Dolls Pram


This junior pram recommended for ages 3 – 7 years comes in a range of different coloured fabrics that change each season. The colours for Autumn and Winter 2014 are Damson (a deep purple), butterfly print, Berry domino (cream with red polka dots) and Milan (pink and grey check).

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2.Silver Cross Oberon Pram

If you are looking for the ultimate dolls pram for your little girl, there really is no other choice than the Oberon dolls pram by Silver Cross. This beautiful heritage is design is based on the original Oberon pram by Silver Cross and is handmade with the best quality materials to the highest specifications. This toy pram is not cheap by any standards but is an item to treasure and will certainly be loved by your little girl for many years and even passed down to her own children. Recommended for ages 5 – 11 years, the pram has a waterproof hood, chrome finished wheels and a hand-painted body. It is really the ultimate in doll prams for little girls who have everything and will also look beautiful in your child’s bedroom.

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3. Silver Cross SX X4 Stoller

silver cross dolls pushchair

If you are looking for more of a pushchair style than a traditional pram, try this modern style all-terrain pushchair with swivel wheels. The handlebar height is 70cm, it fits dolls up to 50cm and folds flat for storage.

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4. Silver Cross Pop Duo Pram

If your little girl has more than one favourite dolly or if she has twin brothers or sisters and wants a double pram just like mummy’s, this cute double pushchair could be just what you are looking for. The twin side by side pushchair is suitable for children aged 3-7 years old and fits dolls up to 50cm. It folds down for easy storage and features an adjustable hood and under-seat shopping baskets.

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5. Silver Cross Surf Dolls Pram


Based on the popular full size Surf Pram from Silver Cross, this modern design pram is perfect if your little girl wants a miniature version of the real pram or wants a funkier alternative to a traditional style dolls pram. The innovative style can be converted to either front or back facing and also converted into a pushchair – a great multi-use dolls pram which is rare in toy versions of real full size prams.

It comes in a funky range of colours including bright pink,black, purple, red, aqua and lime green.

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Silver Cross Dolls Prams

Silver Cross dolls prams are made by one of the most well known and respected pram manufacturers. As well as full-size prams for real babies they also make a “junior” range of  prams which are doll-sized versions of the real thing.

Doll prams by Silver Cross are made by hand, just like the original prams. If you’re looking for a good quality doll pram that will make your child the envy of their friends and last for years, you really can’t go wrong with a Silver Cross dolls pram

The Silver Cross range of prams for dolls covers modern styles of buggies and pushchairs, right through to  remakes of classic vintage designs, such as the Oberon  which is hand made, hand painted and limited edition and comes in a range of colours.
Silver Cross dolls pram

You can even buy dolls pram accessories from Silver Cross such as a shopping tray for all your doll’s essential clothes and other toys and a  pram changing bag.

Silver cross produce a range of  prams over a wide range of prices so you’re sture to find one to meet your budget and requirements. They even produce a 3 wheel jogger pram and twin prams which would be a perfect gift for twins or a little girl with lots of dolls.

Silver Cross is based in Yorkshire and has been selling prams since 1877, all over the world. You can order doll prams directly from their website or from a number of international toy shops and mother and baby stores such as Toys ‘r’ us, Mothercare,  and of course well-known websites like Amazon.

If you’re looking for the dream present for a little girl, and a good quality toy that will last for years and can be passed down from sibling to sibling, you really can’tt go wrong with a Silver Cross dolls pram.