Choosing a Dolls Pram to suit the age of your Child

Different styles of toys are suitable for different ages of children and this is equally true for dolls prams. When choosing a pram for a younger child authenticity is less important – toddlers probably won’t notice that their doll pram doesn’t look exactly like mummy’s whereas an older child may complain that they don’twant a “toy for babies”
Simple usually works better for younger children. A simple sturdy wooden pram can double as a walker for a young toddler. Wooden dolls prams are usually great for this age group because there’s no complicated construction or small pieces that could be swallowed by little mouths.

Wooden dolls prams are made by some of the larger toy companies such as Brio and come painted in bright primary colors. Alternatively you can have a wooden  pram made especially for you by a small toy maker. These handmade wooden toys are beautiful and durable although they can be expensive.
There are also several plastic doll prams on the market suitable for toddlers. They are smaller and have a simpler design than prams designed for older children. Plastic doll prams for toddlers are sold by toy companies like Fisher Price.
Girl with dolls pram
As children get a little older, perhaps from about age four or five, they start to care more about brands and will often have their own favorite toy or doll. It’s ideal at this stage to choose a  pram that ties in with your child’s particular preferences. Most doll manufacturers make doll prams and other to go with the dolls that they sell. Baby Annabell is a very popular make of doll and there are several Baby Annabell prams available with matching outfits and accessories.
Older girls will value a pram that looks exactly like the real thing – the more authentic the better. Some of the well known pram manufacturers now produce smaller versions of their best selling prams and these are ideal for older children. Silver Cross produces several styles of toy pram that are exact miniature versions of their full-size versions. Mamas and Papas also make doll prams based on the designs of their prams for real babies.