Vintage Style Dolls Prams

If the thought of seeing your little girl pushing her dolls around in a Victorian-style baby carriage tugs at your heartstrings, or you’d love a beautiful wicker dolls pram to complement the decor in a girly bedroom, a vintage style doll pram will provide the look you want without the downsides of a real antique doll pram.

Modern dolls prams styled on vintage designs are not only cheaper than the real alternative but also safer – most vintage dolls prams are not suitable as children’s toys.

Adults also love these dolls prams, perhaps because they remind them of their own childhood. If you’re a collector of vintage dolls or reborn dolls, a beautiful wicker dolls pram makes for a great way to display your collection.

We’ve compiled a selection of the most beautiful vintage style dolls prams across all brands, so you can choose the one that catches your eye the most: